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The highly skilled and qualified staff at Building Professionals of Texas understands the importance of providing wide-range custodial and clean-up services that pay great attention to the small things that really matter. Reliability is of utmost important. More than 60 years of experience in the facility maintenance industry has helped establish Building Professionals of Texas as a solid, reliable, and trustworthy provider of these services in Texas. Our main service goes beyond the standard facility maintenance duties and include the following:

9 Factors to Consider when choosing a Commercial Cleaning Contract

Whether you're looking to partner with an outside services provider for the first time or are deciding if you should renew your current contract, here are 9 critical success factors we've identified by servicing commercial facilities every day since 2001.

Ask cleaning companies to provide you with references who can vouch for the quality of their service.

Experience is critical, but it’s far better when backed by ongoing training. Ask for information about the training staff cleaners receive, who trains them, and how often their training is refreshed.

ISSA & BSCAI certifications and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance protect you and your company and, in some cases, save you money. Ask for a list of all certifications related to your business.

Make sure any commercial cleaning company you consider is fully insured for the safety and security of you, your company and your facility.

Ask your cleaning company about their policy on emergency requests or issues that arise outside of regular business hours? Get real-life examples of how they have come through for specific clients.

Find out how the company will measure and track their success on your job site. How will you provide feedback, and what will they do with it? Can they provide you with tracking tools?

Don’t get cornered into a cleaning program that provides too much or not enough for your facility. Ask the provider if they offer any add-on services that could streamline your processes and improve your bottom line.

Make sure any company you work with is compliant with OSHA laws, provides uniforms and/or badges to make their staff easily recognizable, has established processes and procedures for protecting confidential records and keeping and your staff and facility as safe as possible.

Ask about the products and equipment the cleaning company uses. Are they environmentally friendly? Do they buy locally? How much are they spending on consumables, and do they actively look for ways to save you money?

Call us today for a free on-site evaluation of your business requirements. Our qualified staff will assess every aspect of the property and develop a customized plan for you that will match your budget and janitorial service requirements. Your feedback and comments are highly valued and will be carefully integrated into every stage of the process.

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